Thursday, March 28, 2013

Teknologi: Perbandingan Yes4G Pula!

Apa khabar semua? Setelah menyepi lama, berpeluang juga update blog ini. Entri kali ini cukup simple. sambungan dari entri terdahulu disini. Entri kali ini menunjukkan perbandingan. Perbandingan ini dibuat tanpa ada sebarang nilai komersial ataupun keuntungan. Ini sekadar perbandingan dari pendangan aku sendiri. Jom terjah!

YES 4G : { Ditulis dalam bahasa inggeris untuk mengelakkan bahasa kurang sopan }

UNIFI - highlight Unlimited quota and free installations.
But YES - is Unlimited w Mobility. Can't take UNIFI out from home. No installation required and instant activated.

DIGI - highlight RM63 for more GB 3+1 now. Normal RM68 after 6 mths. Speed is only 700kbps/1Mbps.
But YES - is RM68 for 4GB and +1GB 3 mths. Speed is up to 20Mbps but average 6.55Mbps - 6x faster than DIGI.

UMobile - highlight 42Mbps at RM68 for 5GB. Cheaper and Faster it seems. Device on rental and entry cost RM188.
But YES - RM68 for 4GB and +1GB 3 mths. A quick check on Net Index average speed UMobile is at 2.8Mbps vs Yes at 6.5Mbps - 2X faster.UMobile should have charged RM68/2=RM34 then. And UMobile do not have the 75% coverage of Yes 4G.

Maxis - highlight 42Mbps at RM68 for 4GB+4GB. Looking fast and reasonable price.But look closer T&C throttle speed is 64kbps! Quota split into 2 after 2am. Dongle still need RM100 activation fee.
But YES -
Full speed 24hrs. Throttle at 128kbps. 1 YesID power 5 devices saving 5X money too. Go Dongle is Free and no need RM100. Yes4G speed is still ranked 4 stars highest among all in Net Index for quality and value for money.

CELCOM - highlight RM68 for 4GB with 3.6Mbps. Porta Wifi entry cost is RM299 (device+activation+advance) no 7 days cooling.
But YES - fastest speed up to 20Mbps and average 6.55Mbps for all plan include RM68. Why pay for PortaWiFi when you have Huddle and only RM100. Porta can't be use with a tablet if no power source! Now more carry tablet vs notebook.

P1 - highlight ToGo RM69 unlimited speed with 6GB. Dongle/MiFi at RM100. More GB at competitive price.

YES - Not cheaper or more. But better speed Yes 6.5Mbps vs. P1 2Mbps. Better coverage 2X vs P1. P1 dealer also join Yes because high return of 30%. Yes overall provide better quality of service and truly mobile. Try use P1 on NS highway.

Anyway all plans is not 100%. Yes4G plan is to position for users that wanted the best performance, true mobility and flexible YesID.

Ok, amacam? Nampak perbezaan Yes4G ini? Setakat yang aku dah guna ini, memang terbaik. Terbaru, YTL dah upgrade lagi coverage, sampai Kampung Attaduri, Langkap tu pun dapat signal. Speed tetap maintain. Tu dah kategori ceruk tu. jangan tunggu lagi. Jom test. Tak puas hati, terminate jer.


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