Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Makes The World Goes Round?

Life seems more miserable than yesterday. Why? Got headache this morning once woke up from sleep, body feels so heavy I can't even move it. So, does that sound good? Never the less, life must go on. So, I shove all the painful feelings, and make a step. First thing first, take a bath. Then, move out of my hive. Why called it a hive? You better not knowing.

So, couple of days ago, I issue few cheque for payments. It's almost time for my customer & supplier to clear it. I made 1 last final check for my current account, and there goes the money. Lucky me. I've been doing this kind of things for quite some times already. Know how I manage to get hold of gold credit card? This is why. Lots of transaction in my current account. Back to the cheque story. Today, I almost cancelled one of my cheque. Due to I'm cancelling the order of furniture set that I'm buying a day before. But, on a second thought, I bought another set of furniture. Not for my home okay. It's for a customer. A school actually. I'm a trader remember. I sell anything. From spoon in your kitchen, to atomic boms you seen on tv. Just kidding.

And today, I issue another cheque. RM1000 nett. Yesterday is RM1450 nett. Day before yesterday, RM1241 nett. A day before that, RM700. How much is that? I lost count.

Thats all. Haha...


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