Sunday, June 22, 2008


" How I wish, how I wish you were here,
We're just two lost souls..., "

2 days ago, it was my birthday. Suddenly, I kept thinking of someone who I shouldn't remember. God! It's killing me inside. And then, theres this movie playing this song. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here. Damn good song. I felt nostalgic at the moment.

So, yesterday, to kill some time, I went to the waterfall with my brother. Just to relax and have some fun. My birthday is not something to brag about. No celebration or anything. But I'm pretty lucky to have lots of friends sending SMSes and comments. Thanks a lot you guys. Back to the waterfall story. Since there just 2 of us going, there's not much things to do. But we still manage to enjoy ourselves. Yesterday it's so freaking hot day.

Then, I went to friends house. She's going for umrah. So, better pay her a visit. So we talk and talk and talk. Bla bla bla. Talk about our friends and other things. Hey, the hell I'm talking bout my friends. They don't even think of me in the 1st place. Not to recognise me all this years. But, hell with what they think. I'm me. I'll treasure my friends.

Then night fall. I went out with my family. Took them for dinner and some shopping too. Unfortunately, I got a headache last night. Due to excessive body usage I think. What the hell? Actually it means my body is too tired. And until I'm writing this post, my headache still not gone. I wish my true love will be by my side. even though we all know that theres no true love yet in my life. Hahaha.

Damn, I just dunno what I'm writing anymore. Anyway, I better stop now. As my headache is killing me. See y'all later. take care and God bless y'all.


Sorry for there's no post this past few days.

I've been very very busy.


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